The farmers, the backbone of the Indian economy, is the basis of the Baliraja Party. In the state of Maharashtra, a farmer is known as Baliraja.

The Baliraja Party (BRP)  is a political party based on Farmers. The Agriculturists that are the Farmers in the state of Maharashtra are called as Baliraja. The state of Maharashtra has experienced the precious situation in the agriculture field and thousands of agriculturist in state of Maharashtra have chosen to commit suicide because of the incorrect policies of the Government of India & the state of Maharashtra.

[Ref. (1) In Chaus Dictionary (Marathi to English), Baliraja (Marathi) is translated as Farmer (English) (2) In “Baliraja Chetna Abhiyan”, a program for draught hit farmers, run by Government of Maharashtra, the word Baliraja refers Farmer.]

Foundation day of Baliraja Party is 26th June 2014. The date was planned on the birth anniversary of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj (Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj). 26th June 2014 is also noted as “Samajik Nyay Diwas” by Government of Maharashtra.

Registered head office of the party is situated at the zero mile of India, Nagpur, capital of Movement of Republic of India. The main theme of the party is to support farmers to fulfil all necessities of farmers, educating them about the livelihood, technologies in agriculture like cropping patterns, organic farming etc. and also their cultural development.

Raja Bali Ka Garh, Balirajgarh, in Madhubani District, Bihar

According to Patna Circle of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), in an archaeological excavation carried out at 260 km away from Patna and 38 km west of Madhubani district headquarters, altogether over 400 antiquities were found.

A good number of antiquities, including human & animal figurines and beads of terracotta, bangle fragments and ceiling have been found in a recent excavation. Raja Bali Ka Garh is an ASI protected monument notified by the name, ‘Remains of Ancient Fort or Garh locally known as Raja Bali ka Garh’, at a small village Balirajgarh in Madhubani district. The site was earlier excavated during 1962-63 by the mid-eastern circle of ASI and subsequently state archaeology department in 1972-73. Evidence of four cultural period were found.

According to archaeologists, this fortification was built in 2nd century BC and the remains in use up to Pala period. The entire area is spread over 176 acres. One separate pottery yard with arrangement of other infrastructure has been made on the mound itself to study the materials revealed from the excavations. Beads of semiprecious stones like carnelian and jasper are noteworthy findings. This place gives the historical detail at least 3000 years back going to pre-Maurya period. Some people say that the place was perhaps a frontal military camp of Maurya rulers or Pal rulers of Bengal.

The Baliraja party (BRP) is a political party initiated in Maharashtra & Goa. Now, the BRP also has its existences in other states including Delhi, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Orissa ,Chhattisgarh, and Telangana.

“Founder of Baliraja Party is Dr. Mahendra Dhawade, a well-known Ancient Historian and social worker”. Today, most political parties has lost moral and ethics and became corrupt, greedy and thick skinned, it’s time to bring political power back into the honest people’s hands. Not every single politician is corrupt and greedy but there are many good intentioned people in politics working honestly for the people of India. We are saying that it is the system that has became very corrupt and needs to be changed immediately in favor of Indian Farmers.