About Us

Our Ideology

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was aware about the importance of agriculture. He ordered his administration to help the farmers through various measures such as donation of seeds and tax concessions in drought affected areas. Besides this, his army was warned that they should not touch a single plant in a farmer's field. Agriculture and industry are the main backbones of growth for modern India is no exception to this.

The ideology of the party follows basic ideals of the Indian constitution.

Baliraja party’s five basic ideals are as follows:

  1. Ancient Baliraja rule in India, without discrimination and making India again “Golden Birds” as early as possible

  2. Rule like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj so that common people can live without fear.

  3. Stronger and stronger sense of nationalism

  4. Free education and Employment guarantee

  5. Following Indian Constitution 

Our Logo


  • There should be certain approach towards the reservation policy and interest of farmers.
  • BRP emphasises towards the services to poorer segments of farmers, Labours, and destitute women and centralizing the massive Nutritious Noon Meal Scheme for children.
  • The central objective of the party shall be to bring out Socio, Economic & Political reforms in society and Implementing & Enforcing Fundamental Rights & Directive Principals as protected in the Indian Constitution.


  • The party shall work for down trodden people for their upliftment.
  • Organizing Equalitarian society.
  • Improving status of living .


  • Justice social-economic-political.
  • Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship.
  • Equality of status and opportunity.

The main leader and central figure of the party is Dr. Mahendra Sinh Dhawde. Central executive committee is the highest body in the party to take decisions headed by Dr. Mahendra Sinh Dhawde.  Dr. Mahendra Sinh Dhawde is the first leader of transgender who opposed ‘The Transgender Bill’ on 21st January, 2019 at Delhi Jantar Mantar. The Baliraja Party demands for a better standard of living for transgenders. It was then international news.  

For the first time in the Baliraja party, large numbers of farmers came on the road at Yavatmal (Maharashtra) and demanded “Baliraja Chetna” and “Anna data Sukhi Bhava” as well as “Save Farmers” on 5th January, 2017.

Baliraja Party again took a hunger strike at Delhi Jantar Mantar and demanded repayment for PACL, Earth loops, Pearls India and other investing companies to pay investors on 22nd July 2021.

Baliraja Party again took a hunger strike at Mumbai Azad Maidan (ground) for demanding repeal of three Farmers Bill, 2020 from 3rd January to 5th January 2021.

Baliraja party started Farmers Rath Yatra from Tuljapur -at  Bhavani Mata Mandir to Pune – at Phule Wada for demanding Crop Insurance payments  from  26th November, 2021 to 28th November, 2021.